Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So while no one really ever reads this blog I thought I'd start writing my own little personal thoughts and stories that happen in my often crazy life, but mostly boring :)  I've tried to start other blogs to do this anonymously but I always forget the name of the blog or my password so I'm just going to do this here since I already know those important facts!  Recently life has been frustrating not just because of kids but just little things that are on my plate or my kids.  I really wanted to stop babysitting because sometimes lets face it those cute little kiddos (two year olds) with the constant whys? how comes? NO's! not listening,  not eating, throwing tantrums, hitting each other, and well just being 2, gets a little tiring and it wares on this lady after awhile.  I tried to get more hours at my part time job but my boss got fired and she was the one that was promising me more hours if I could just open my availability a little, so I did, I found someone that would watch Alaina and everything.  Well, she's gone and so is that promise so here I am babysitting again.  I did also try and get a job being a lunch lady but that didn't pan out either.  So while I really don't want to babysit anymore I am.  Don't get me wrong I really like the little boys I watch, but today I needed to run an errand and I had Alaina and Brody, both 2 yrs old, I took them to the bank to pay a bill.  We were there a minimum of  5 minutes, they pulled down those stretchy fence things that tell you where to form a line, they ran into a conference room and screamed at me!  All of these things still didn't deter that man behind the counter from trying to sell me some kind of service!  REALLY!  Why yes let me just stay here a little longer while these little people of mine go about this bank annoying everyone in their path.  Sigh....So yes babysitting again.  This leads me to my next thought.  I'm really a selfish person.  I should be very happy that I have a babysitting job and a part-time job, there are people that don't have any jobs.  But yet I still complain.  I'm sitting here now with a bag of chips in my lap a messy house and 2 sleeping toddlers and no other kids.  Yep living the dream :)
Don't get me wrong I love my life and really wouldn't have it any other way it's just been one of those days.

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Beckie Hales said...

You are not selfish...being a mom is exhausting. And a little selfishness is important to maintaining sanity! It's called "self-preservation". I'm rooting for you!